Your #1 authorized distributor of MAG Lubricants in Kenya


AFRILUBS is an authorized distributor of the globally acclaimed MAG Lubricants in Kenya.

Evolving from a local oil and gas company to a leading distributor across various aspects of the energy sector value chain, servicing thousands of customers.

We meet diverse customer needs across various market segments including Automotive, Industrial, Mining, Marine, and other specialized applications.


The quality control of GP Global MAG starts from the moment the raw materials, base oils, additives or packages are uploaded into the plant. No vehicles will be unloaded before passing and completing a full inspection of raw materials and granted quality approval by the quality department.

Raw materials will be stored in their respective locations while raw materials are being offloaded in the tank farm by monitoring the operation through SCADA automated system. Blending starts by using production automation software, which achieves high accuracy that is free from leakage and without flushing.

The approval of the laboratory department is a prerequisite for starting the filling and delivering of our products. 

Discover Our Business

AFRILUBS is distributing a wide range of finished lubricants with premium base oils covering bulk, drums, and small packages that are ideally adapted for passenger cars, industrial equipment, marine, and other specialized industries.

Automotive Lubricants

Full range of premium products
synthetic and conventional motor oils
for all passengers cars, motorbikes
and heavy motors like trucks,
buses and tractors.

Industrial Lubricants

Covering all types of industry and manufacturing engines from aeronautics
to agricultural, power and mining industries, AFRILUBS products and services
are adapted to suit all equipment
and optimize their performance.

Marine Lubricants

AFRILUBS provides a full range of complete lubrication service to marine industry from the small fishing boats, yachts to large passenger and cargo vessels. The diversity of the various equipment on ships requires the highest level of lubrication technology.

Technical Support
and After Sales Services

To support the high quality products, AFRILUBS has an extensive technical backup services available for its discerning customers.

✅   Used Oil Service

✅   Maintenance Planning

✅   Lubrication Surveys

✅   Training

✅   Troubleshooting

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